Spencer Stuart: Digital Leadership: Will the Chief Information Officer Role Disappear?

A new study by Spencer Stuart suggests that CIOs are at risk of being replaced by the more recent role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO). According to Spencer Stuart’s report, sources estimate that 2,500 CDO positions were created last year. CDOs are brought into organizations to boost their digital fluency and in turn can make the CIO position feel outdated.

Spencer Stuart outlines how CIOs can remain valuable and the shifts that are required to do so within digital transformation. The study collects insights from 25 CIOs from companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Taking a look at the Insurance, Automotive and Telecommunication sectors, the report uncovers the new leadership capabilities required of CIOs. They include:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Leading transformation
  • Building people capability

The Spencer Stuart study reveals that the CIO role must shift to remain relevant and that current CIOs will need to push beyond their comfort zones and grow as leaders in order to guide organizations through digital transformation.

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