Raines International: When It's Time to Hire a New Chief of Staff

What does the Chief of Staff accomplish and what are the benefits of hiring one? An article published by Raines International answers these questions.

  • The Chief of Staff (CoS) is brought on to facilitate the CEO's vision by acting on her behalf when they are not present, supporting senior executives, and serving as the go-to person who helps ensure critical objectives across the company get accomplished.
  • The CoS acts as the CEO's right hand. They manage the CEO's priorities and serve as an objective sounding board for ideas from the leadership team, as well as help develop and refine the overall strategy for the business.
  • The CoS often addresses issues that have a direct impact on the business but fall outside of the job descriptions of the rest of the team.
  • The CoS can also offer feedback to other members of leadership and identify costs, risks and any unforeseen obstacles.
  • A successfull CoS can establish trusting partnerships with senior leadership and remedy the headaches of an overstretched CEO.

Whether it's enhancing efficency, promoting accountability, or simply being the go-to person who gets things done, an effective CoS can be the key to converting a CEO's vision into results.

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