Boyden: Report Finds C-Suite Rapidly Evolving CRM to Boost Growth

In this report, Boyden explores the challenges and opportunities that C-suite executives and companies encounter as they consider investing in and utilizing CRM applications. Led by CEOs and senior management, company-wide reorientation of CRM strategies and full compliance are imperative for effective implementation.

Boyden's Executive Monitor report, "The C-Suite: Evolving Client Relationship Management", examines recent shifts, important processes, and leadership considerations for effectively engaging CRM tools by drawing upon both secondary research and in-depth interviews with Boyden partners and industry executives.

The topics points discussed help to answer the question, "How does one thrive in this new CRM environment?":

  • CRM must be fully integrated into business processes at all corporate levels to ensure alignment and compliance.
  • Significant resources and human capital investment are necessary to appropriately elevate the initiative and encourage full engagement.
  • The benefits and advantage of CRM tools should be realized. Salesforce research suggests that CRM tools increase revenue by an average of 41% per salesperson.
  • Insights gleaned allow companies to tailor customer interactions, resulting in more efficient exchanges and elevated customer experiences. CRM provides direction for more effective management of revenues, expenses, and product inventories.
  • This report helps to navigate the changing CRM landscape, including its history and its future.

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