Spencer Stuart: Nominating / Governance Committee in the Spotlight: Three Priorities for 2024

The nominating/governance committee is no longer the board committee with relatively fewer responsibilities. Board composition, structures and governance practices — all core responsibilities of the committee — are widely recognized as foundational to effective corporate governance. Today, the expectations and responsibilities of nominating and governance committee chairs and committee members are high, and only growing. Committee members and leaders are increasingly under the microscope, facing “no” votes if the committee’s performance is considered below par.

Through extensive work with private and public companies of all sizes, Spencer Stuart identified three key focus areas for nominating/governance committees in 2024:

  1. Optimize board composition for an increasingly complex and changing business environment
  2. Consider how best to oversee new and changing risks and opportunities (AI, geopolitical, etc.) relevant to business and sector
  3. Ensure robust oversight of CEO succession

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