Odgers Berndtson: 3 Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives Favoured by UK's Most Diverse Companies

Virginia Bottomley, Chair of Odgers Berndtson's Board & CEO Practice, discusses the UK Leadership Diversity Report 2021.

The findings from the report are clear. Organisations with greater diversity use three key inclusion & diversity (‘I&D’) initiatives when recruiting Board members and senior leaders. Partnering with I&D membership organisations, setting diversity targets, and implementing measures to reduce unconscious bias when recruiting. These are the hallmarks of companies committed to inclusion and diversity. On the other hand, organisations that are not diverse are far less likely to use any of these initiatives.

The difference between the two is stark. Diverse companies are as much as three times more likely than non-diverse companies to partner with I&D membership organisations. They are also twice as likely to set diversity targets and are twice as likely to have measures in place to reduce unconscious bias when hiring candidates.

The article outlines the following: 

  • Diverse organisations have a different mindset 
  • Why are the findings so important?
  • How Odgers Berndtson can help

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Virginia Bottomley
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