Eton Bridge Partners: The Unique Value Creation Opportunity for CFOs Created by the Global Pandemic

CFOs have always been asked by CEOs to do more with less – something that has never been truer than it is today. According to a recent Gartner survey, CEOs expect CFOs to focus most on driving growth in profit while maintaining and preserving cash and cash flow.

Whilst the last 18 months have presented a challenging economic environment for many businesses, our forced reliance on technology to enable business continuity throughout the global pandemic presents a huge opportunity to drive optimization. Nearly 20% of CFOs believe that either AI or digitalization will have the greatest impact on the finance function over the next three years.

Eton Bridge Partners outlines how the digital transformation that was ramped up by the global pandemic created a unique value opportunity for CFOs:

  • What does investing in “digital” really mean?

  • What about AI?

  • The opportunity

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Aled Homer
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