TRANSEARCH: Time for a Talent Assessment

Competition for top executive talent is increasing. Organizations are at risk to lose some of their brightest leaders if they have not recently acknowledged their achievements. Global executives who are under pressure to perform would be well served to assess the quality of their team. TRANSEARCH identifies four questions global executives should ask themselves about their current team:

  1. Who among my team can I least afford to lose to the competition?
  2. Who among my team has skills and experience that we may find particularly difficult to replace?
  3. Who among my team has demonstrated the most agility and alignment with our core business objectives?
  4. And who among my team has shown the motivation and resolve to achieve our corporate goals?

TRANSEARCH finds that asking these questions could prevent an organization from losing one of their best leaders. Even the smallest investment toward assessment of current talent will allow executives to understand how they measure up to market needs and assess what skills are lacking.

The full article is published on TRANSEARCH’s website. Read the full article.


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