TRANSEARCH: Mental Health, Virtual Integration & ‘Remote’ Compensation Are Key Topics at HR Roundtable

After enjoying the comfort and cost savings of working from home, would you rule out a potential job if remote wasn’t an option? Ever struggle logging into a video meeting and then face “technology bias”? How about your employees’ mental health – are you seeing resilience or deepening depression?

These compelling questions and issues, impacting workforces the world over right now, were explored recently during TRANSEARCH USA’s Executive Human Resources Virtual Roundtable.

More than 20 senior HR professionals from major corporations, including BaxterGEDu Pont and The Haskell Company, participated in the interactive virtual session, co-hosted by TRANSEARCH Managing Directors Chris Swan and John Ryan, and Vanessa Ruda of event co-sponsor RHR International.

Key themes:

  • Tackling Mental Health in the Virtual World
  • Versatile Hiring: Video Interviews
  • Virtual Integration and Onboarding
  • Compensation: Remote vs. Onsite Location
  • Covid Corporate Culture
  • Vaccination

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Chris Swan and John Ryan
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