Stanton Chase: Trends Guiding The Consumer Industry In 2022

Stanton Chase recently released the findings of their bi-annual survey that asked executives from 46 countries about what they can learn from the challenges of the past year. 

The survey discovered how leaders are responding to the meteoric rise of e-commerce, the trend of click and collect, and how consumers and leaders alike are prioritizing honesty and integrity in their search for brands and talent, respectively. One significant finding was that 78% of respondents choose problems with the supply chain as the key issue that's top of mind. 

Find out the other statistics the survey revealed and see how leaders responded to the following questions:

  • How is your company acting on the Click-and-Collect Trend

  • If you could turn back the clock to 12 months ago, what would you do differently?

  • In your strategic business decisions, are you taking consumers’ growing ethical and environmental concerns into account?

  • And more

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