Slayton Search Partners: COVID-19 and How Company Culture and Retention Hang in the Balance

It can be difficult to nail down an exact definition of company culture. The concept of culture was first introduced in the 50s, with initial workplace studies appearing in the 80s. From there, it has steadily gained more attention as its impact on everyone from a company’s leaders to its employees to its customers has become increasingly apparent.

Crucially, the last year of COVID-related upheaval and uncertainty has reshaped what almost every company’s culture looks like in real life. Where culture was once reinforced with face-to-face interaction, communication, and teamwork, many companies are now grappling with how culture can be nurtured in a remote environment. Inevitably, how they approach this challenge has the potential to make or break their retention ratios.

Topics discussed in this article:

  • The Relationship Between Culture and Retention
  • How COVID-19 Has Impacted Organizational Culture
  • Approaching Culture and Retention Post-COVID

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Charles Southwick
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