Slayton Search Partners: A Brighter Future for Everyone Depends on Corporate Sustainability

The new world of remote work forced upon us in 2020 gives us something of a blueprint to make the current systems more sustainable. Consumers of all ages are taking this prolonged period of instability and socio-political unrest to assess their values.

60% of consumers were reporting making more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical purchases since the start of the pandemic. As Fortune reports, many people are seeking a middle ground between the Amazon-level convenience of the modern age and voting with their dollars “to support environmental, labor, or social justice practices.”

Slayton Search Partners describes a few external factors that could have caused this push for sustainability and examines companies who are setting great examples for the current market, which are outlined here:

  • Sustainability savvy customers
  • Talent that cares
  • In good company

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Charles Southwick
Thought leadership category