Sheffield Haworth: Harnessing the Power of Flexible Working

According to Sheffield Haworth, in the future, the impact of technology on the workforce will result in a change in the work we do. With this new change we are likely to spend less time working. With the desire for balance continuing to grow, this is sure to bring excitement. But, in order to achieve an effective transition to a flexible workplace Sheffield Haworth suggests designing and implementing a policy that provides purpose. It is important for your company to establish the benefits and foresee the issues of a flexible work schedule rather than implement a policy enforced by regulation.

In their new piece Sheffield Haworth covers the following:

  • The purpose – why are you doing this?
  • Communication
  • Reward / Bonuses
  • Is this a gender issue?
  • Be bold and proud.
  • Equipping Line Managers
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent
  • The Narrative - “Part Time”

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