Sheffield Haworth Conducts Survey Examining Brexit Uncertainty Versus Opportunity

Whilst the response to Brexit throughout the city has, for the most part, been one of collective shock, consistent reactions across financial services firms’ immediate and long-term response to the historic vote have been harder to come by.

With ongoing market volatility, an uncertain political structure in the UK and indeed significant wider geopolitical threats, it is no surprise many institutions across both the buy and sell-side remain unsure how best to manage their activities and prepare for the future.

In response to this, Sheffield Haworth have carried out a survey amongst senior risk and compliance professionals to better understand the following:

+ What is the likelihood roles will be relocated outside of the UK?

+ Would individuals be willing to relocate with their roles and current employers?

+ How prepared were firms for Brexit?

+ In the long term, will Brexit be a positive or negative for the city and wider UK?

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