Hobson Leavy Discuss New Zealand Expats "Calling Home"

The big OE is part of the New Zealand psyche. A steady stream of young kiwi’s leave our shores and head off to experience the world. But in the whirlwind of life, the years extend and time moves quickly.  Some stick to their original plan of a few years, but many stay on, the years passing. Somewhere in their souls many still hanker after the thought of one day returning home – if only they could untangle themselves from the sticky web of life.  Their time away on foreign shores had helped build formidable skills and honed their leadership abilities, but it has also made life and a return home more complex.

Similarly others find that career winds have blown them offshore.  It may be to Australia or to Asia, while other stronger winds lead to destinations further afield. These New Zealanders forged ahead, thriving in competitive environments, successfully climbing the corporate ladders of multi nationals, large investment banks or breaking barriers in retail or education; creating new pathways in healthcare, telecommunication or IT; the list is infinite. They have risen to challenges, learnt to dance to different tunes, and embraced the opportunities that present themselves. They have succeeded, but like their extended OE compatriots they too feel the pullback to “Godzone”.  One can never underestimate the power of what New Zealand has to offer. New Zealand has a plethora of highly skilled expats sitting offshore waiting for the right role.

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