Heidrick & Struggles: The work anywhere paradox

Every company is grappling with the future of work and return-to-office scenarios. Few are settled. With the Delta and other COVID-19 variants spreading, we remain in a prolonged period of uncertainty and vacillation for all leaders whose employees can work remotely.

Heidrick & Struggles strongly believe that the hybrid model is the future of work. But, for leaders, it is also the most challenging of all possibilities to navigate. Getting hybrid right will require pausing and thinking about building on the gains of the past 18 months rather than trying to recreate a past that is no longer viable, and it will require leaders to be agile and thoughtful in addressing five particular aspects of work that have undergone fundamental reassessment: inclusion, communication, career development, productivity, and innovation.

Leaders who create new paradigms for how we work can create thriving cultures with high engagement and performance, a critical advantage in an exploding war for talent.

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Yulia Barnakova & Steven Krupp
Thought leadership category