Heidrick & Struggles: Three Tactics For Retaining Your Best People

In the ever-evolving landscape of workforce dynamics, the challenge of retaining top talent has become a pressing concern even for companies undergoing significant downsizing.

The realization that losing key personnel might not guarantee a seamless replacement is becoming more apparent across industries. With leaders having the flexibility to explore various roles, the competition for retaining skilled professionals has intensified. Furthermore, the prevalence of hybrid working models adds another layer of complexity, requiring companies to experiment with innovative strategies for engagement and retention.

A recent survey indicates that a significant portion of leaders is open to changing companies in the next three years. Amidst this dynamic talent market, some organizations are proactively addressing the issue, treating their leadership pipeline as a strategic asset.

This article explores how companies are navigating the challenges of executive retention, leadership development, and succession planning, offering insights into unique approaches that redefine the retention landscape.

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Ed Manfre, Jonathan McBride, Sharon Sands
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