Odgers Berndtson: The evolution of responsible leadership: Future traits and experiences

Ed van der Sande from Odgers Berndtson published new insights.

For years ‘digital transformation’ has been the catchphrase of almost all leadership searches. Boards want leaders who embrace technology, understand how to implement it, and who can lead the charge on a journey of change.

This is still a key component that organizations look for. However, diversity, equity and inclusion, sustainability, the supply chain crises, and the war in Europe is giving rise to new demands for leadership.

Purely enacting change is no longer the standout skill it once was. It is imperative that leaders understand the need to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances, can make the right decisions in the moment, and predict and lean into future disruption. It is not just agility that future successful leaders need to have. All of this must be achieved through leading with purpose, authenticity, and empathy.

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