2022 Top Trends in Executive Search Technology

Cluen’s Latest Whitepaper Explores how the Executive Search Industry Is Adapting to the Changing Market

In their latest whitepaper, AESC partner Cluen reveals the upcoming technology trends in the executive search industry based on their 2022 industry surveys. This report explores how executive search professionals have and continue to adapt to the changing market and streamline processes to succeed in the new normal. 2022 Top Trends in Executive Search Technology covers the most popular and accessible tech in process automation, self-service data collection, business development, streamlining external and internal processes, and candidate assessment.

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Learn Key Insights:

  • Top 3 Automation Techniques & How They’re Evolving.
  • How to Utilize Self-Service Data Collection to Promote D&I Strategies.
  • The Importance of an integrated Business Development tool.
  • Tools to Streamline Internal & External Processes.
  • And More