WittKieffer Introduces Implicit Bias Training Through LeaderVerse Suite of Services

WittKieffer announced a new implicit bias training package as part of its LeaderVerse suite of services. LeaderVerse, introduced in March 2020, combines market-leading executive assessment tools with enhanced leadership consulting capabilities to support the long-term success of executives and their organizations, through services including executive onboarding, coaching and succession planning.

In collaboration with international leadership evaluation and business consulting firm CMA, WittKieffer has developed a three-tiered implicit bias training offering. Clients can choose between the following programs: An Instructive Session for Search Committees, an Interactive Workshop for Search Committees, or a Customized Program for Organizations.

Implicit bias – from hiring authorities, interviewers or search committees – can play a detrimental, limiting role in executive hiring. Left unaddressed, implicit bias disrupts attempts to hire the best candidates for any given role. WittKieffer, dedicated exclusively to organizations that improve the quality of life in healthcare, education, the life sciences and the not-for-profit sector, is committed to helping search committees and organizations recognize and reduce the effect of implicit bias. Through strategic training, WittKieffer supports clients in conducting equitable executive searches and cultivating diverse and inclusive workplace environments.

“WittKieffer’s tradition of improving search processes and developing best practices ensures we are able to support clients in hiring executives who meet their strategic and organizational needs,” said Andrew Chastain, WittKieffer President and CEO. “Through our new LeaderVerse implicit bias training options, we help the people making key hiring decisions to identify, understand and acknowledge their biases in order to lessen their impact on the search process."

CMA boasts 20 licensed, Ph.D. psychologists and an array of best-in-class leadership assessment tools and methodologies to support its broad international clientele. “We are excited to facilitate these implicit bias training offerings in collaboration with WittKieffer,” said CMA partner Jennifer Nguyen, Ph.D. “WittKieffer's LeaderVerse implicit bias training will leverage the insight of CMA's experts to reduce the influence of bias on the executive search and hiring process, supporting the long-term diversity, equity and inclusion goals of leaders and their organizations."

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