Mexico: A Competition for Top Executive Talent

As the world’s eleventh largest country, fifteenth largest by GDP, one of the most open economies globally, as well as an emerging market giant, Mexico is rife with business opportunity. The country has produced its own multinationals and incubates flourishing startups from across Latin America.

However, global politics have produced a sense of uncertainty as U.S.-Mexico relations face continued strain with Trump's rhetoric. In early 2017, the peso experienced a currency devaluation only to now become one of the world’s best performing currencies. And as the country heads into its own General Election in July 2018, populism is gaining favor among voters. The potential shift of a Mexican government that is much more left or right creates a host of questions on how this will impact the Mexican economy.  

To better understand the country's business climate, we spoke with AESC Members based in Mexico. Executive talent advisors have a unique vantage point of a country's business climate. Bringing vast industry knowledge to organizations of all types and sizes, AESC members see executive leadership opportunities and gaps. And what we've found is that as Mexico's environment becomes more complex each day, the competition for executive talent is fierce as companies fight to remain competitive. 

"We are the local representation of an international company. Having the best local talent to advance our mission and lead our business in Mexico is an imperative."

– CEO, Technology sector

Mexico's economy is accelerating in the Aerospace, Automotive and Pharmaceutical sectors and the Technology sector is growing rapidly. However, business executives are greatly concerned with business continuity as there are a lack of successors ready to lead. Today's business leaders in Mexico are looking for services from executive talent advisors that best position them to drive innovation and achieve value. 

As Mexico trades freely with 45 countries, it will continue to be a pivotal player in the global economy. Long-term investment in Mexico will remain but the country's business climate will continue to experience shifts as organizations compete to find the right executive leaders who are prepared to navigate the country's complex environment. 

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