New Enhancements for Executive Research Professionals

Today, AESC relaunches our Certified Researcher Associate (CRA) program. With updated format, content, and technology, AESC’s new Certificate in Executive Research (CER), is an essential credential for those looking to strengthen and more effectively implement their core executive research skills.


The format of the course has been revised for participants to gain a stronger understanding of the course material and to learn the curriculum at a pace and time that fits their schedule.

Originally, the online courses consisted of video lectures spanning 1-1.5 hours. Now CER’s Foundation Course offers a ‘read-as-you-go’ format with seven key modules and a checkpoint review for each. The examination has also been revamped. Instead of a 100 multiple choice online exam and an oral exam, the CER now offers checkpoint assessments and a case study role play format on the core topics of sourcing, pitching, and qualifying.


AESC restructured the order of the program to better prepare participants for each section. Participants will begin CER with the Foundation Course. After successfully passing each assessment, participants will participate in an interactive and collaborative live Expert Forum. Lastly, to ensure mastery of course content, the final examination will now consist of one case study exam.




AESC’s new Foundation Course offers a more robust foundation of insights for executive researchers. Additional topics have been added to provide a more well-rounded understanding of executive search as well as an understanding of the latest tools within executive research.



Live Expert Forum

Expert Forums consist of four interactive webinars that will run for 90 minutes each over the course of four days learning from an industry expert and other search professionals in the field. These interactive forums are held throughout the year and give participants an opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment.

While participants still have the opportunity to take part in online Expert Forums, AESC will be hosting its first live face-to-face Expert Forum in Chicago on November 1 with industry expert, Rachel Roche, Founder and President of SmartSearch. The new live face-to-face session will allow participants to complete the program and become certified in less time as well as network with other executive research professionals from the region.


Effective executive research is instrumental to the success of executive search and leadership consulting firms worldwide.

Explore how the new Certificate in Executive Research can enhance your ability to succeed, develop core executive research skills, and earn an industry-recognized credential.

Learn more about the updates in our July 19 webinar.