2018 Business Intelligence for the C-Suite

AESC Executive Talent Outlook ReportAESC Members work as executive talent advisors to the world’s most successful businesses and have a unique vantage point on key executive talent trends.

In our annual Global Executive Talent Outlook Report, we share insight into how our profession performs year-on-year and how our services continue to evolve to meet clients demand. The study offers timely business intelligence to decision makers as well as valuable guidance to executive candidates considering new opportunities in the year ahead.


Key insights include: 

  • Executive search revenues and search volume grew substantially in 2017, spurred by a more robust global economy.
  • AESC Members are overwhelmingly optimistic about 2018 as they embrace the strengthened economy, increases in client demand, plus new technologies that lead to new roles and leadership profiles.
  • US and Asian markets are forecasted to experience the greatest growth.
  • Succession planning, board advisory and leadership effectiveness are the top three leadership advisory services in demand.
  • The technology sector is expected to be the highest growth sector in 2018, followed by Healthcare/Life Sciences.  

Executive Search Outlook Revenues Chart 2018

A Stronger Global Economy

While executive search revenues and search volume grew substantially, leadership advisory services also continued to grow. Amidst the growing changes in today's business climate, our profession's suite of services continue to expand to meet their clients' needs.

Chart 2.2

In Demand Functions for 2018 

Increased mobility and demand for executive search services has shifted the rankings for the highest growth functions with CEO and Board of Directors now back at the top of the rankings in 2018 after CISO led functional growth forecasts for the past three years.

Chart 2.4

Solutions for Business Leaders 

CEOs, CHROs and Board Directors are invited to download a 2018 Summary Report. Additionally, you can access AESC’s Global Directory to search AESC executive talent advisors. The report was completed by 582 AESC member consultants worldwide, including 203 leaders of executive search and leadership advisory firms.


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