Create the Future

AESC APAC Conference 2019

August 20, 2019
Impact Organizations to Lead Tomorrow Now
August 20, 2019
08:00 to 17:00

You predict the future. That’s right. Your value lies in thinking ahead long-term on behalf of your clients. You forecast the trends that will impact organizations tomorrow so you can prepare them today.

On the eve of our anniversary, AESC celebrates 60 years of propelling businesses into the future with the right talent leading in the right way. When our founders established AESC, they set the standard for a profession that discovers the rare talent capable of launching businesses to new heights; conditions future leaders for high endurance decision making; and activates organizations to accelerate ahead of the competition.

As we look to the future, where will we find the talent who can not only navigate a tomorrow we can only just imagine, but who can also build it? How will we deploy future talent to thrive in a climate of rapid technological advancement and massive societal change? How will we activate the disruptors with the vision and courage to create the future of innovation?

Join AESC for Create the Future. We’ll anticipate the major drivers of tomorrow’s global business. We’ll develop the foresight to condition your clients for resiliency and help them seize emerging opportunities in their industry.


08:00 to 08:30
Registration and Partner Exhibits
Enjoy breakfast while meeting representatives from AESC partner organizations to learn about services that can help propel your business forward and best serve your clients.
08:30 to 09:15
A Crisis of Leadership? Impact of the banking Royal Commission
Some have argued that Leadership is in crisis, and leaders are failing to meet many of the challenges of these unpredictable times. Trust in leadership has been consequently eroded. In Australia, the Banking Royal Commission highlighted areas of leadership failure, across banks and regulators. What can be learned by leaders and those who advise them? The impact of expectations in corporate social responsibility and social media? And how can these lessons be applied globally?
Michael Adams
Head of School of Law & Professor of Corporate Law
University of New England
09:15 to 10:00
Shaping The Workforce of the Future
The talent landscape is changing dramatically, and many organisations are struggling to adapt. The workforce mix is becoming more fluid and diverse. Millennials are looking for a career that matters, and they want it fast. Add in the rapid adoption of digitisation and AI and the future global workforce will change completely. So what does the ‘Workforce of the Future’ look like? What are the trends you need to be aware of and how do we demystify AI? From all these disruptive changes come opportunities for organisations to disrupt their business and their people. So how do we do this as we move toward 2025?
Alec Bashinsky
Managing Partner
Blackhall & Pearl
10:00 to 10:30
10:30 to 11:30
Are Leaders Being Positioned for Success?
Finding talent can be difficult, but making it stick can be even harder. This session will look at whether leaders are being positioned for success. We’ll examine how organizations, and those that advise them, can support the success of newly appointed executives through assessment, onboarding, and ongoing support during the important transition to a new role.
11:30 to 12:15
Gender Diversity: 30% Achieved, But How Can Growth Be Sustained?
AICD figures show just under 30% of directors of ASX 200 companies were women, up from just 20% per cent in 2015. Australia has now surpassed the UK, US, and Canada. What can the region learn from Australia's journey and where to from here?
12:15 to 13:30
Lunch and Partner Exhibits
13:30 to 14:30
Executive Talent 2025: Talent Strategies for the Future
Evolving AESC’s Executive Talent 2020 study from 2016, we once again surveyed clients worldwide on their top talent challenges and how they intend to shape their talent strategies for the future. AESC President and CEO, Karen Greenbaum, will present findings from a survey of senior business leaders worldwide, weaving in insights on organizational transformation from a survey of more than 600 executive search and leadership consultants. How will the executive search and leadership profession advise clients over the next few years and what are the new emerging opportunities?
Karen Greenbaum
President and CEO
Association of Executive Search & Leadership Consultants (AESC)
14:30 to 15:00
Top Business Issues of Clients
A panel of industry leaders focused on both internal and external challenges facing clients today, panelists will explore methods and strategies that clients are utilizing to ensure success.
15:00 to 15:30
15:30 to 16:15
Space, The Final Frontier: Offices of the Future
The structure and function of offices are changing. More flexible use of space is following more flexible use of time and technology, but the future is about more than just the physical space and the technology within it. It encompasses the whole transformation of the workplace, from new management practices to changes in the way employees work with AI and engage with each other. So how is the office changing, and where is it headed in the future?
16:15 to 17:00
Employer Brand: A huge differential for you & your clients
Your business is all about people - those in your own team and those you help your clients attract. In 2019, if you care about people, you have to care about employer branding. From attraction and candidate engagement to empowered, inspired employees, a proactive, strategic approach will drive powerful results for you and your clients. In this interactive, session, Mark will show you how to harness the huge potential of your employer brand... and help your clients do the same.
Mark Puncher
Chief Energy Officer
Employer Branding Australia


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