Build a culture of trust in a hybrid world. 

Flexible, Online Learning

Up to 3 hours

Workbook includes team & individual activities

Everyday application.

Develop tactics to humanize all forms of digital communication and overcome digital anxiety in an increasingly virtual world. 

Challenge your digital communication norms. 

Learn to recognize differences in digital communication across cultures and generations and develop a plan for how to communicate more efficiently across these divides. 

Tools for team implementation. 

After completing the online, on-demand modules, apply your learning with downloadable worksheets, a digital body language style guide, and an exercise to help teams understand and set digital body language norms. 

Erica Dhawan, Expert Instructor

Erica Dhawan is a globally recognized leadership expert and keynote speaker helping organizations and leaders innovate faster and further, together. Learn more about Erica Dhawan.

  • Discover how to network in a genuine and authentic way to build powerful connections.
  • Learn to stand out professionally with a strong virtual executive presence.
  • Identify the best methods for game-changing collaboration.
  • Recognize sources of miscommunication and resolve digital anxiety in virtual spaces.
  • Explore top digital communication methods for cross-generational and cross-cultural teams.
  • Leaders seeking enhanced collaboration with cross-generational and cross-cultural teams
  • Professionals aiming to network and build authentic relationships through digital interactions
  • Individuals looking to improve their digital communication style and communicate clearly within digital spaces
  • Teams who aspire to break silos, eliminate unnecessary emails and meetings, and reduce cross-team dysfunction

The course modules are fully on-demand, so you can take the course at your own pace and come back to it anytime. Your enrollment includes lifetime access to the course, so there is no need to complete the modules in a specific time frame.


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