In the Moment Improv with Dorje Swallow

In this video, Dorje Swallow goes over three terms - yield, 'in the moment', & blocking, that he will address during his interactive session at the 2018 Sydney Research Forum on December 4, 2018.

How can we connect with each other? How can we accept an offer, process it quickly, and return, building upon that offer, with our own? How can we maximise our vocal technique to help effectively engage and communicate, regardless of the content we are relaying? How can we build long lasting relationships in the smallest window of opportunity?

The session will help us break down communication barriers, in the most enjoyable fashion. With the clarity and focus that comes from creative thinking, active listening, brainstorming, teamwork and play, we will emphasize the importance of being "in the moment," and lay the foundations for improved communication with the world around us, no matter what the situation.

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