Leathwaite, AESC Commitment to the Community Award Winner 2020

AESC’s Commitment to the Community Award is presented to Leathwaite, a leading executive search and human capital specialist firm, for the work they have done to support Hope and Homes for Children. The mission of Hope and Homes for Children is to be the catalyst for the global elimination of institutional care for children. For children in vulnerable families, COVID-19 is not just a health crisis—it places them at urgent risk of losing their loving homes and childhoods to the neglect of an orphanage. Children already confined to orphanages are facing increased levels of abuse, harm and infection due to staff shortages. These children are often voiceless.

Together as a firm, Leathwaite, launched two charity challenges to raise funds, help Hope and Homes for Children with key senior hires, as well as volunteer their time, expertise and social media influence. The charity suffered with reduced brand exposure and a substantial loss of funds due to the impact of COVID. Thus, Leathwaite’s goal was to use their social media channels, network and influence, to help raise the profile of of the charity and stress the importance of their work. Mark Waddington, CEO of Hope and Homes for Children commented, "Companies like Leathwaite are leading the field when it comes to finding purpose and working alongside a charity like ours to fulfill it. We are genuinely over the moon and proud to have them as a partner, and I cannot think of a worthier company to be nominated for the AESC Commitment to the Community Award."

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