What's Missing in Today's Business World?

The modern workplace lacks humanity, hurting performance and sustainability. This book demonstrates how to bring it back to your company, exploring the social, environmental, technological, and political costs of these failures. 

The prevalence of failure in business tells us something about the way we do business. While there are many causes for business failings and economic downturns, they tend to include a mercurial concoction of factors such as lack of foresight, poor strategic planning, lack of capital, lack of adequate and properly trained personnel, technological advances, geopolitical forces, increased competition, and often just plain greed.

In addition to the ups and downs of the market—with its extremes of increasing wealth for the few and the loss of even hard-earner pension funds for others—a particularly tragic aspect of the modern economy is that the majority of the workforce is disengaged. It’s a factor that increases the likelihood that companies either don’t thrive as they could or survive over the long term.

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Catherine Bell is the founder of BluEra and author of the upcoming book The Awakened Company.


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