Trust: 3 Common Challenges with Hybrid Leadership in the Hybrid Office

A hybrid work atmosphere can in many ways make us a lot more flexible and create greater freedom to work anywhere, anytime, and as it best suits us. The workplace is becoming an even more important hub for innovation, networking, and team building. Although it provides employees and leaders more freedom, it requires an increased amount of self-leadership. 

Even though many surveys suggest that employees want to continue working from home, a survey from Microsoft shows that 54 percent feel overworked, and 39 percent feel completely exhausted. Prioritizing health will be a prerequisite in hybrid offices. Remote leadership has required new ways of acting as a leader, in terms of clarity in assignments and follow-up. New structures have to be developed to compensate for the shortcomings of a hybrid workplace.

Trust outlined 3 challenges leaders might have to face when their office goes hybrid: 

  • Juggle everyone's needs
  • Fair wages
  • Meetings where everyone is equally involved

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