Stanton Chase: 2017 Global Consumer Products and Services Survey

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, recently opened a series of bricks-and-mortar stores. While traditional retailers have struggled to keep up with the new e-commerce trends, Amazons new move caught the industry by surprise. 
However, staying true to itself, it is undeniable that Amazon’s new approach is creative and innovative. Stanton Chase's Consumer Products & Services practice group conducted a survey of over 600 executives to further understand this phenomenon.
Their research showed "Change in Customer Behavior" being one of the biggest hurdles in business. As a result, exhibiting entrepreneurial thinking, be one step ahead of the game and thinking outside the box, have all quickly become the most sought-after skills among business executives. 
What can your business do to remain competitive in the fast-paced and changing landscape of the Consumer Products and Services Industry? To find out more, read the full 2017 Stanton Chase Global Industrial Survey report. 
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