EMA Partners: Can Leadership be Sustainable?

The leaders who live and breathe sustainability in their everyday lives will be the ones who identify opportunities for improvement in every corner of their company through innovation and technology – from changes in legislation to the processes of manufacture or extraction of raw material.

Profit and future sustainability will be in the hands of those who know how to innovate, are guided by the culture of their organization, are driven by moral principles, and are oriented towards change. It is important that the leaders of today continue to remember how fragile the ecosystem we depend on is and make decisions that will ultimately deliver both profit and sustainability.

EMA Partners describe 3 characteristics leaders should uphold to improve sustainability in their organization and society:

  • Ability to envision a fairer and more balanced future
  • Tremendous energy to promote change, based on technology and innovation
  • Personal dedication to the cause of sustainability

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Rui Guedes de Quinhones
Thought leadership category