eg.1 Report: The DNA of a Game Changer

eg.1, business insight and talent consultancy, is carrying out a series of studies to help us understand Game Changers. Their first report – The DNA of a Game Changer – identifies the key behaviors of a Game Changer and highlights how they differ from leaders.

Learning to recognize and nurture these game-changing individuals is vital – they can have a disproportionately positive impact if managed properly. They are not our “high potentials” or “leaders” but they are a different breed altogether. These Game Changers have the potential to change their landscape within our organizations regardless of the level they operate.

The study identifies common themes running through these game-changing individuals – ten characteristics that will help us identify these people in our workplace:

  • Risk taker
  • Big picture thinker
  • Creative idea generator
  • Obsessive drive to succeed
  • Great at articulating a vision
  • Strong influencer of people
  • Passionate about the idea
  • Very strategic
  • High on vigor
  • Likeable

Whilst the study shows this true game-changing talent is rare, the reality is that there are many Game Changers who are sitting dormant in the workforce. The problem is that very few organizations go about recruitment and talent management the right way to identify Game Changers.

In a world where today’s employee can be tomorrow’s competitor, identifying and embracing these Game Changers is critical to long-term business performance.

The full report is published here.


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