Bedford Group: A Leader from Within: Revera President & CEO Tom Wellner

Howard Pezim and Darren Raycroft of The Bedford Group sit down with Tom Wellner of Revera Inc. to discuss his career and the secrets to leadership success. Today, Tom is the leader of 30,000 employees, 55,000 seniors and more than 500 properties at Revera Inc.

Here are just a few of the questions asked in this interview:

  • You worked at Eli Lilly for 20 years. What was it like in your early days with the company and how did you advance your career?
  • Discuss your promotion overseas and the key developments this had on your skills and leadership capabilities.
  • You were promoted to Country President and GM in Germany. Talk about this major career move, the culture change and the most important lessons you gained.
  • As President & CEO of CML Healthcare, you led an incredible transformation. Discuss the strategy you spearheaded and how it contributed to employee engagement and sustainable business growth.
  • You’ve been President & CEO at Revera for more than four years. Talk about the changes and growth/development of the organization in your time here.
  • What do you believe in as a leader? What do you expect out of the people that work for you, and is there anything that is sacrosanct?

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