Amrop: Strategic Leadership Assessment in a New Acquisition Process: A Case Study

In February 2016, Polaris Private Equity (”Polaris”) announced that it had acquired 65% of the shares in the Danish software company Configit A/S: “The company has tripled its revenue in the recent three-year period, and Polaris aims to continue Configit’s current growth and globalisation.

The company’s former owners – IT and telecom entrepreneur Michael Moesgaard Andersen and Configit’s founders, CEO Henrik Reif Andersen and Chief Technical Officer Henrik Hulgaard – will continue as co-owners. Henrik Reif Andersen will also continue as the company’s CEO.

Polaris appointed Amrop Denmark to conduct a Leadership Assessment of the senior leaders in the company, in order to identify business critical individuals and positions, ensure motivation and engagement, and understand the strongholds and development areas.

Configit is Polaris’ first investment in a software company. Polaris has a clear goal of investing in more software and technology companies and has therefore established an internal team with this specific focus as well as an “ecosystem” of industrial advisers.

Henrik Elsig Andersen, Leader of Amrop’s Global Leadership Services Practice, talked to Finance Monthly Magazine in the UK, about the Leadership Assessment objectives and process. 

Read the full case study here.

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