ALSpective: The Keys For Success

This inspirational Q&A conducted by Dasein Search featuring Albert Hiribarrondo, founder of ALSpective and vice-chairman of TGCL, covers his professional career, leadership values, and the keys to success.

Here are the questions posed in the article:

  • Disruptive technologies are driving new social habits, shared services and a new mentality amongst those generations entering the jobs market. We are in the middle of a transition that is having a huge impact on the global economy and entire industries. Are executives and businesses ready for such changes? Why?
  • Specialists suggest that an era marked by disruption and transient work and personal relationships requires a new leader. How would you define this new leader?
  • How have you dealt with these disruptive innovations and worked on this issue with your team and clients?
  • Tell us about your professional career. What skills and attitudes led you to found the respected ALSpective and, more recently, TGCL?
  • You are a reference for professionals around the world. We would like to know who inspired you, which leaders do you admire today?
  • At Dasein, we believe that art has a great ability to inspire creativity in life and at work, above all in times that require a high level of dynamism and a vision of the future. Do you have any cultural reference you would like to share? A book, a film or the work of an artist?

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