Spencer Stuart: MWC 2016 Four Takeaways for Leaders

A pulse check of current trends and a barometer of the “next big thing,” Mobile World Congress (MWC) remains one of the best ways to witness the rapid and dramatic evolution of mobile. Even as recently as six years ago when Spencer Stuart held their first MWC-related event, the conference primarily drew technology leaders from telecom-focused companies. This year demonstrated the vast reach of mobile, with a strong presence of CEOs, CMOs, CTOs and chief product officers from an expanse of industries, including financial services, automotive and entertainment, to name a few. Spencer Stuart explored the shift in dynamics and the innovations at MWC 2016, hosting two exclusive events for senior executives to capture diverse perspectives on mobile and the implications for talent. Many executives told them that despite the new possibilities presented by things such as 5G, virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected car, the most powerful force they see is simply “connectivity.” For key takeaways in a world where, as MWC’s theme attested, “Mobile is Everything,” click here.

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