Spencer Stuart: Lessons Learned in the Evolving Landscape of the Asian Digital Ecosystem

The rapid pace of the digital transformation in Asia has placed its countries at the forefront of the global technology revolution. With this change in digital climate, the role of the chief information officer has dramatically evolved from to a tech-focused only role to one that has a direct effect on the commercial growth of the company. Spencer Stuart interviewed CIOs from a variety of industries and company types in Asia to gain insight into the transformation of their role.

In speaking with these CIOs, Spencer Stuart identified five key lessons for the next-generation of CIOs:

  • Earn the right to be in the boardroom.
  • Engage, develop and leverage external ecosystems.
  • View, develop and deploy data as a core product and capability.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, learning and experimentation.
  • Be self-aware and not afraid to make tough decisions.

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