Spencer Stuart: Lessons from the Big Data Frontier

Spencer Stuart finds that if “big data” is all that it is predicted to be, companies will need to restructure to embrace the use of new tools at all levels—from senior executives, data experts to employees across the organization. In a recent report Spencer Stuart looked to Akamai, Google, Groupon and Yahoo! to see their approach in hiring and assessing individuals and promoting a data-literate culture.

Among their recommendations:

  • Create a culture that embraces data
  • Appoint an executive who can handle change
  • Define skills required at each level of an organization
  • Screen for data literacy when hiring
  • Know how to hire and retain specialized talent
  • HR should be a leader in improving data literacy

This article is part of Spencer Stuart’s Point of View 2014.

The full article is published on Spencer Stuart’s website. Read the full article.


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