Spencer Stuart: Designing the Organization for Digital

Spencer Stuart finds that companies need more than a chief digital officer, digitally savvy directors on the board, or a digital team to prepare them for the digital landscape.  To be successful in the increasingly digital world, all of these stakeholders within companies need to invest time in order to define how digital will impact their agenda.

The following is an excerpt from the article: To avoid missing important opportunities, business leaders should evaluate the impact of digital from the following lenses:

  • Business: The threats and opportunities at the core, such as changing demand for existing products or services and the opportunity to innovate new products and services
  • Channel: The potential impact on marketing, sales and service channels, such as the opportunity to use data to deepen customer relationships or the threat of increased price transparency
  • Organization: The implications for the speed of decision-making, risk assessment, automation, security and collaboration, for example, using analytic tools to drive process improvements or to automate certain operational decisions
  • Ecosystem: The potential to integrate customers and partners into the organization, for example, engaging customers through social media to share ideas for new products or product enhancements

This article is part of Spencer Stuart’s Point of View 2014.

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