Slayton Search Partners: Hiring for Cybersecurity in the Finance Sector

According to Slayton Search Partners, cybercrime is reportedly a $445 billion business, and it’s ever-growing, with a 36 percent increase in ransomware attacks across the globe. There’s no surprise, then, that demand for cybersecurity professionals is skyrocketing across every industry. This is especially true in the financial sector. IBM Security Services sees 65 percent more attacks on its financial services clients than any other client. And yet, only 21 percent of IT leaders report being “very well” prepared for these attacks.
Successful cybersecurity professionals have a unique set of skills. Because it is next to impossible for any company to avoid 100% of human error in every project, let alone one complicated by the nuances of cybersecurity, their soft skills are integral to the role.
Companies need to look for people who are passionate about problem solving and possess a sense of ethics that can’t be taught. From there, training and certification programs can fill in the gaps. it’s also important to recognize how greater diversity can help address the skills gap challenge. 

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