Russell Reynolds Associates: Putting Digital Resources to Use

Russell Reynolds Associates has published a paper titled “Digital Transformation: The Final Chapter,” in which they outline how businesses who have expanded their organizations to include new digital resources and platforms can now cohesively put these investments to use. Russell Reynolds draws from interviews with 50 digital business leaders over the last 18 months, surveys with over 1,500 executives, and their 1,000+ executive searches and advisory projects for digital leaders they have performed over the last 5 years to create this guide to face digital disruption.

The six steps, explained in more detail in the paper, are:

  • Press the Accelerator
  • Reimagine the Business
  • Remap the Organization
  • Design an Operating Platform
  • Drive Culture Change
  • Activate the Boardroom

Tp read the full paper, click here. 

To download the PDF, click here. 

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