Penrhyn International: Finding New Leadership Talent for FinTech

A new white paper from Yanouk Poirier of Penrhyn International identifies how the financial services sector is facing widespread upheaval with the power of FinTech.

What does the disruptive potential of FinTech mean for boardroom leadership? How can financial services business embrace disruptive technologies with new C-suite talent and new leadership styles?

Key takeaways include:

  • Businesses looking to capitalise on digital disruption of financial services require leaders with the vision to deliver effective solutions to new business challenges.
  • Companies need a whole range of skill sets at C-suite level to prepare for the disruptive challenges ahead, beyond digital knowledge.
  • A new style of digital leadership has emerged to drive transformation from the top.
  • Digital leaders drive disruptive vision, delegate authority, ferment new cultures and are fully focused on client-centric execution of business strategy.
  • FinTech leaders need the flexibility to mix this new leadership style with elements of authority-based and high-performance leadership.
  • An advisory board can be a useful complement to digital leadership, providing a sounding board on key decisions and access to additional expertise.
  • Finding digital leaders with the right cultural fit to an organisation requires an in-depth knowledge of its vision, competencies and precise needs.

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