Cejka Search: Innovation in the Time of Covid-19: How Healthcare Technology is Changing

As healthcare workers and executives on the frontlines fight to control the spread, COVID-19 has infected more than two million people, causing at least 159,000 deaths around the world. While this pandemic has brought changes on every continent and brought trauma, fear and grief to millions, the world continues to hold on to hope. Hospitals in the US are experiencing that hope in a variety of ways – many report receiving unexpected food or flower delivers from patients and families, billboards and signs in many cities offering messages of thanks, and celebratory rituals when a COVID-19 patient leaves the hospital healthy.

In addition, healthcare leaders are taking their learnings and experiences during the pandemic to drive both operations and the quality of care. Technology and innovation are emerging as key areas in which the lessons learned from facing the COVID-19 crisis could help the industry into the future.

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