Amrop: Embracing Technology is About Innovation

In a fast-changing digital world, the successful businesses will be those that demonstrate adaptability and embrace innovation. Technology opens the door to new business models from manufacturing to marketing functions, while cyber security and the risks around it loom large as major concerns for every boardroom according to Amrop study.

On one level, it is simple: technology expertise is not just IT expertise. It is more the ability to view the future of a business through a technology lens. Trends such as big data, cloud computing and social media are creating new operational capabilities, and the responsibility for how to make the best strategic use of them lies not just with the IT department, but with company boards.

Some businesses are giving their Audit Committees the task of measuring technology risk, but in the end it is about putting the right people together, and considering it a strategic discussion, not a technical one. This is an imperative for all businesses in 2015, wherever they happen to be located.

Boards need to confront a series of challenges to stay ahead of the game.

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