AltoPartners: Executive Search in the Digital Era

Digital Era Executive Search : A time for evolution

There is no denying the fact that we live in a fast-paced world where businesses have been forced to adapt and evolve to ensure their sustainability. A key factor of this change has been the accelerated pace of digitisation brought about through new technologies. As the digital era ushers in faster, more convenient and initially cheaper solutions, AltoPartners explores the role of Executive Search and Leadership Consulting during these times and the impact and importance of maintaining interpersonal client relationships, with unique insights into specific market factors from across our global market.

The digital era should be viewed as an enabler to the retained executive search industry rather than a threat since there is great value to be born out of the insights and reach of technology. The role of the search consultant is becoming even more important today as clients are often faced with information overload and the option of engaging a clear minded, intelligent consultant who can break down the approach to finding the right individual, can prove invaluable.

Retained executive search has been enhanced through the digital age through the access to information about the market, organisations and ultimately talent. The emergence of social media, digital tools and more advanced databases and tools to analyse the data are impacting the way executive search is conducted. Sami Zouehid, Lead Consultant at McArthurMurray/AltoPartners UAE, strongly believes that technology provides options to the search team in accessing an endless pool of information and acting as an additional resource in verifying information. Technology has the ability to transcend borders; provides accessibility to candidates and streamlines the ability to execute searches across different markets.

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