Spencer Stuart: Talent Considerations for Internationalizing Chinese Enterprises

The Asia Pacific region has become a producer of top talent, which has significantly increased the size and diversity of the talent pool. Not only is the region producers of top talent, many Western executives are drawn to the region because they view it as critical to their career advancement. Spencer Stuart finds that while companies have more options, the diverse talent pool makes it more challenging to evaluate candidates who would be the best fit.

MNCs and Chinese enterprises are continuing to compete for sought-after talent. They also have to compete with regional organizations who are investing in talent management, including building state-of-the-art training complexes, residential units and recreational facilities to attract executives from around the world.

To attract talent many Chinese companies are creating new business models that reflect the values of the East, with its emphasis on building relationships, and position companies to grow and adapt to market changes. This method allows Chinese companies to combine best practices from around the world to propel their businesses.

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