Slayton Search Partners: The Strategic Evolution of Talent Acquisition in the Consumer Products Industry

The consumer products industry has undergone remarkable transformations in recent years. Technological advancements empowered companies to ride the waves of growing demand—and as consumer expectations and global market dynamics shift, industry leaders are continuously finding innovative ways to keep customers engaged. In this ever-evolving landscape, talent acquisition has emerged as a critical factor for thriving amidst uncertainty.

Consumer products leaders are certainly not alone in their hiring focus. At the start of 2023, HR executives across industries allocated the largest budget increases to talent acquisition—a testament to the immense recruitment and retention challenges of recent times. However, consumer-facing businesses are uniquely compelled to swiftly shape their talent strategies according to the demands of modern shoppers—especially as global markets intertwine.

The right approach to hiring will inevitably ebb and flow with consumer priorities. Entering the future of talent acquisition, consumer products firms must align their hiring strategies with rising customer demands and globalization trends to stay competitive.

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Charles Southwick
Thought leadership category