Andrews Partnership: Government Affairs Talent trends for 2022

Across Asia, more senior roles in Government and Public Affairs are opening up. With this increased demand to hire experienced leaders, a common question is what are key traits of a successful Asia Pacific Government Affairs leader in 2022.

According to recent research by Andrews Partnership, 27% of respondents identified ‘an ability to connect with people as a key trait of a successful corporate affairs leader. A leader can't just be good at directing, they must also be passionate about their teams.

Andrews Partnership outlines five attributes of a strong government affairs leader, here are the first 3:

  • They are both advocates and teachers who embed a deep geopolitical understanding across the business.
  • They are growth hackers who can build a playbook for Government Affairs that can be quickly deployed as the business grows, both geographically and across product lines and industries.
  • They are coaches with a passion for building in-country teams, who excel at bringing out the best in others.

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