B.E. Smith: How the Affordable Healthcare Act has Transformed Leadership Roles

In a report by B.E. Smith the firm finds that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has led to a large amount of changes in the healthcare industry. Instead of patients paying for service, the ACA has incentivized value based and positive patient outcomes. As the industry shifts to meet the ACA guidelines, healthcare executives are increasingly focused on the entire service spectrum from acute care to outpatient.

As the industry moves to implement these policies, they need strong leaders at the top. Many organizations are leaning on current executive team members to lead population health initiatives. An eHealth survey on data and analytics found that only 18% of organizations have sufficiently trained staff to collect and analyze health metrics.

Population health management begins with recruiting and retaining talented healthcare professionals with the vision to lead critical initiatives. Leadership skills necessary for population health span a huge range of areas and experience, opening the field to both current and future leaders. Their ability to identify and align the needs of the organization with that of the population is just one reason why these leaders are in high demand. Securing them is essential for organizations to successfully manage population health while sustaining momentum.

The full report is published on B.E. Smith’s website. Read the full report.


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