Witt/Kieffer Discusses Advice for Successful Clinical Integration

In a special report by Witt/Kieffer, the firm held a panel with three industry experts to explore important issues surrounding clinical integration.  The panel was titled “It’s About Great Physician Leadership: Insights and Best Practices for Successful Clinical Integration.” Panelists discussed the skills and temperament needed for a physician to transition into an effective leader of a hospital or health system.

Clinical integration is a term that has been getting increased attention in the healthcare industry. The term universally means some form of collaboration with physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare provides to improve quality and manage costs more efficiently.  Clinical integration is being seen as a way to confront all of these challenges and to advance the movement toward value-based care. A critical aspect of this integration is physician leadership, as the knowledge, experience, and leadership potential of physicians are required to speed integration and adapt to reform.

The full report is published on Witt/Kieffer’s Thought Leadership. Read the full report.

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