Stanton Chase: Why Are Energy and Logistics Executives Hanging Out Together?

Stanton Chase finds that energy and logistic executives are uniting in order to get products to the market. The challenge for energy executives lies in moving products around the country. The logistic executives bring their blend of high-tech and traditional systems to transport energy-related products.

Although this dilemma brings opportunity for both sectors, they are both experiencing shortages of leadership. For example, the oil and gas industry began shrinking in the 1980s when 25% of engineers and geologists left the industry. In the 1980s college enrollment for engineers and geology students dropped.  One study believes approximately 22,000 engineers and geoscientists will retire by 2015.

The United States provides major opportunity for oil and gas and logistic companies. With volatility in the Middle East and Russian/EU tension, countries are increasingly looking to the U.S. for energy. The only barrier for the U.S. is the lack of executive talent and leadership.

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